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Australia Accepting Diversity

Australians are becoming more diversified accepting more people than different countries. Successive governments have stated that diversity is more important to the nation and is encouraging more number of people to migrate to Australia to work, live and study.

It’s a good sign of present Australia asking more number of immigration groups into Australia matching the reports predicting more immigration to happen in coming days. Social justice, discrimination based on ethnic background and religion has lessened from 18 to 15 percent, since last year. There continues to be high level of acceptance of diversity in the country. 86% of people are stating that immigration is important to Australia.

Residents of Canberra and Melbourne have the highest level of support for cultural diversity compared to residents from regional Australia as Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. Understanding the public opinion through report states that 2/3rd of migrants wants the behaviour of citizens to be changed. The same is asked by citizens asking migrants to follow Australia. But there is no dispute of negativity for migration and a fair good county to migrate due to sign of welcome.