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How much does a visa cost?

Visa costs, depends upon the country and type of visa you choose.

What are the payment methods available to me?

You can pay through online banking, credit/debit card or by hand cash.

What documents will I need?

Your immigration consultant will inform you about the documents required for the visa type you are willing or planning.

What should i do if my visa application gets rejected?

You have certain options, first you can appeal the decision or alternatively you can also submit a fresh application.

What is the process time for a visa application?

The general process time is 6 weeks.

Do immigration authorities or embassy make sure that everything is correct before applying?

No, the government doesn't provide this type of service. So independent advice and personalised guidance is required. Only professional consultants for migration can help in this regard.

Can the immigration authorities reject my application?

Most of us are un-aware that large a number of applications get rejected or delayed due to technical errors or submitting wrong documents. Therefore it is suggested to meet consultants who are very much experienced for migrating in a smoother way.

Who is considered to be a Permanent Resident?

A permanent resident is a visa type granted to a person working in the country. It varies from country to country. A permanent resident can live & work in that country and is not a citizen of the country but have equal powers in medical and social welfare or some other initiatives by government. You can migrate and become a permanent resident.

How many points you need to get qualified for qualified worker in Australia?

You need to have 60 points which will be calculated based upon your profile. Immigration counsellors help you for this in a best way.

What is Canada Express Entry? How do I qualify it?

Canada Express Entry is a program launched by government of Canada to focus on its economic and social development. Using this program the maple country selects skilled applicants to work into their country.

How the points are calculated to qualify for QMAS in Hong Kong Visa?

The points are based on age, educational qualification, experience, IELTS score and family background.