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Hong Kong Immigration

Hong Kong is an excellent destination if you wish to live and work in another country. With Asia-Pacific, China and India becoming the happening economies, gaining any kind of expertise or experience around them adds a lot of value to your resume and opens several opportunities. Hence, a stint in Hong Kong will add a lot of mileage to your career.

Hong Kong Job Opportunities
  • Hong Kong is the leading financial centre of Asia and is one of the top sources of outward direct foreign investment in Asia
  • Logistics and trade-supporting services, such as Product testing and inspection, Arbitration and mediation, Trade finance documentation and Insurance
  • As China liberalizes its markets due to its WTO membership commitments, Hong Kong firms are increasingly active in connecting suppliers in other countries with consumers in the Chinese Mainland and elsewhere in Asia.

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme seeks to draw highly skilled fresh overseas immigrants for the motto of enhancing country's economy further. These forthcoming immigrants are the ones intending to reside in Hong Kong to discover employment or business startup prospects. The successful lot out of them has the freedom to bring their spouse and dependent children (should be unmarried and under the age of 18) under the condition to support them financially on their own resources. The Successful applicants are granted with a Work Permit of One Year.

Eligibility Criteria for Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS)

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is a quota-based entrant scheme in Hong Kong that was implemented in the year 2006. This is meant for skilled individuals and entrepreneurs who wish to stay in Hong Kong in order to pursue professional career and start up businesses respectively. To be eligible to secure entry into the port city under the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, applicants must satisfy a number of prerequisites, along with clearing a points-based test and competing for quota allocation.

Here are the basic eligibility criteria for applicants of the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme
  • AGE: Applicants must be minimum 18 years old at the time of filing application.
  • FINANCIAL REQUIREMENT: Applicants must be capable of supporting themselves financially in getting accommodation, as well as providing support to their dependants.
  • CHARACTER: Applicants must boast a good character and must not possess any criminal record or previous negative immigration record in Hong Kong. The applicant should be able to provide Police clearance certificate for all countries where he/she has stayed for more than 12 months in last 10 years.
  • LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Applicants must have the proficiency on written, as well as spoken English or Chinese. Applicants with a score of average of 6.0 in IELTS are eligible to apply under QMAS.
  • EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: Applicants must have a good background when it comes to education. Ideally, an applicant should have an undergraduate degree, earned from a recognized university/institution in first class. If an applicant does not possess a degree, his/her technical qualifications, professional experience and achievements are taken into consideration. Applicants with higher post graduate degrees stand an excellent chance in getting application accepted.

Indians in Hong Kong:
  • Current estimates put the number of Indians in Hong Kong at about 35,000 of whom nearly 23,000 hold Indian passports
  • Due to their long presence in the territory, Indians have been able to integrate themselves into the mainstream of Hong Kong life, as can be seen by the number of second - and third - generation persons of Indian origin who speak fluent Cantonese and feel quite at home in Hong Kong
  • The majority of Indians in Hong Kong are traders, with strong cultural and social links to India. They have traditionally been intermediaries for trade between China and the Middle East and African countries
  • However, in recent times, a large number of Indian professionals are coming in, giving rise to a new generation of Hong Kong Indians
  • Indian professionals in banking, finance and Information Technology sectors have contributed to the strengthening of the Indian community, as they exert an important influence not only in Hong Kong, but also in international circles.


Before Global Tree Overseas accepts your case for processing, we must be certain that you earn enough points and are able to provide documentary evidence to make a successful application. Before you apply for it, you must be certain you actually qualify.

Our Processing Team does a detailed review of your profile & assesses your education, your institution, & personal finances to determine if you are eligible apply for Hong Kong Immigration. If you score the necessary points your application is accepted for Full Service & Processing.

Our Full Service & Processing Includes
  • Starter Kit issuance
  • Complete Application Processing
  • Attestation of documents*
  • Forms, Documentation & Petition Filing
  • Updates & Follow up with the Embassy
  • Visa Interview Preparation - if required
  • Airport Pickup*
  • Accommodation Assistance*
  • Relocation Orientation
  • Job Search Assistance*

Price List, Fee Schedule & Refund Policy

Our service fee is Competitive & among the best you will find in the industry. We guarantee that other than company offers & promotions, you will not be quoted a higher price & eventually pay a lower price. Prices are determined by the company & are fixed for all clients, offices & cases.

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We are not a placement agency, we are Overseas Career Consultants. We do not provide/guarantee/assure jobs, we do not arrange for any direct employment through employers. We use technology, resources and our internal expertise to market your resume to overseas employers on your behalf.