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400,000 Chinese National got approved for Canadian Multiple-Entry Visa

400,000 Chinese National got approved for Canadian Multiple-Entry Visa

The multiple-entry Canadian visa implies that the candidate could easily come and go out from the country whenever he needs for span of six months.  As per the statistics produced by the Business in Vancouver, around 400,000 Chinese residents were granted multiple-entry visa. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), is issuing visas that are valid for a decade. The figures shows that in the year 2010 when the approval of Beijing for destination status for tourism to Canada came in to picture then only 27,739 visas were approved for Chinese residents.

But after 2012, the figures dramatically jumped high, it was almost 83,000 approvals for the Canadian visa, 2013 it became 113,110 and it just triple in 2014 to 337,066. China crossed India in multiple- entry visas from 2012. Last year there were 390,992 approvals for multiple –entry visas for Chinese residents, whereas India had 162,807 approvals.

IRCC encourages the authentictravellers to Canada by issuing of long-term multiple-entry visas to facilitate their entry to Canada. From February 6, 2014, the multiple-entry visa is automatically considered even if the candidate has applied for a single entry. The figures suggest that from 2010 to 2015, there has been an increase of 95% in study visas issues to Chinese residents.

Though there has been a huge rise in the visits of Chinese nationals to Canada who travel to or settle in Toronto or Vancouver, only 5% of the buyers during June 10th -29 got foreign citizenship, but the ratio was 11 to 1 in favour of Chinese buyers over U.S. buyers.The British Columbian Liberal Government has reduced their impact on the real estate market of the province.

The government also imposed another 15% tax if any residential purchases are being done by foreign residential. An online poll conducted by Insights West revealed that 80% of the participant feels that tax on non-resident property owners is good. 

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