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43rd Express Entry Draw -1,288 Invitations Issued

43rd Express Entry Draw -1,288 Invitations Issued

On September 21st, 2016, the 43rd express entry draw results were out. In this draw 1,288 candidates received the ITAs for permanent residence in Canada. The latest express entry shows the highest number of invitation to be received by candidates to apply for permanent residency. Till August from the last April, the figure of receiving the ITAs was around 750 to 800 but in the last draw of September 7th it reached to 1000.  The minimum CRS point’s requirement in the 43rd draw is 483, which shows a slight decline from the previous draw.

In this draw the number of ITAs issued shows a significant increase, as the draws since April 2016 have seen ITAs around 750 to 800.  It was forecasted by an immigration official this year that in September and October the number of invites would increase to 2000 per draw. The 1,288 invites in 43rd draw shows that the ITAs would continue to increase in near future in the express entry draws.

In the previous September 7th, 2016, that is the 20th draw of 2016, 1000 candidates got the invitation and minimum CRS point requirement was 491 which showed a significant fall in CRS points from the 19th draw of August 24th which required 538 CRS points or more which is the highest score requirement in the draws for 2016 until now. The CRS points requirement have also decreased in the current 21st draw of draw of 2016 which is 483 CRS points than from the 20th draw which required 491 points.

The CRS score is a total of 1200 points which is used to benchmark the candidates from one another. It is an indispensable part of the Express Entry system which was commenced in January 2015. Till now 43 draws have been over, and in the year 2016 the lowest CRS score in a draw is 453, whereas overall lowest CRS score is 450 points. The Highest CRS score in any draw till now is 886 whereas the highest CRS score in any draw of 2016 is 538 points.

The current draw shows the highest number of ITAs being issued in the express entry draw to 1,288 candidates since February. The latest draw showed a significant increase in the number of ITAs issued with a dramatic decline in the minimum CRS points required.

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