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457 Employee Sponsorship Update - You may get rejected if you pay employer

If you are paying to an employer for job so as to acquire 457, Australia immigration may drop you in vain.

  1. Refusal of a visa application - result in 4020 refusal and a 3 year ban.

  2. Cancellation of the visa applicant's visa.

  3. Significant fines to the employer.

  4. Jail sentence of up to 2 years for the visa applicant, as well as a fine of up to $64,800 for individuals.

  5. Fines for company officers and directors.

These ammendments also apply for ENS Subclass 186, RSMS Subclass 187, Temporary Work Subclass 401, Training and Research Subclass 402, Entertainment Subclass 420, Superyacht Crew Subclass 488

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