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A sub category of Saskatchewan INP reopened

A sub category of Saskatchewan INP reopened

A sub category of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) that is the International Skilled Worker: Occupation in Demand program was reopened on 30th August 2016. This is a Canadian provincial nomination program where a candidate with required skills and experience in in-demand occupations in Saskatchewan is permitted to apply for a provincial nomination certificate which could be later on followed by the application for Canadian PR visa. As per this program, a candidate does not require any job offer and it will intake 700 fresh applications for immigration to Canada.

Earlier this sub category was reopened on 21st June, 2016. As per the Saskatchewan official website, this sub category had already accepted the maximum number of applications for 2016. The reopening of this sub category for inviting new applications suggests that there could be changes implied in the intake quota.

The eligibility for this sub category is that the candidate should possess the skills and experience in an in demand occupation in the province. As per the latest list there are 21 occupations listed in the various fields like engineering, agriculture, trade, IT and healthcare. The complete list of the occupations in mentioned below. 

Eligibility for this sub category

The eligibility requirements for Occupations in demand sub-category under SINP are as follows:

• If the candidate is residing in Canada, then he should possess a proof of legal status
• The candidate should get a minimum CLB score of 4 points
• Should have completed minimum education or training as per the Canadian education system. The study program should result a diploma, degree or certificate which is equivalent to a trade certificate
• Minimum of 1 year experience related to the field of study in the past 10 years.
• License or certificate of proof for regulated profession in Saskatchewan
• Proof of funds and settlement plan
• Minimum score of 60 points on the point assessment grid

More about SINP sub category

SINP sub-category is not aligned with Express entry system as this a base sub category. The candidates who are not eligible in the express entry system, they could apply for SINP sub category, also the candidates those who are unable to receive the ITAs under express entry system because low CRS points then they could apply for SINP sub category to migrate to Canada.

Occupation in-demand

The list of in –demand occupations for the SINP sub- category International skilled worker are as follows:

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