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Around 10,000 Applications to be accepted For Quebec from June 2016

Around 10,000 Applications to be accepted For Quebec from June 2016

The Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness Minister of Quebec, has declared the start of its on-line worker program from 13th June 2016. On this date, it would begin accepting around 5,000 applications towards the complete quota of 10,000 under its Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

The online system was facing delays since January 2016. About 42,000 applications were put on hold until 26th February 2016 when this program was supposed to reopen.

Kathleen Weil, Quebec Minister, who was facing the increasing pressure, decided to keep the program and upgrade the online website instead of accepting the paper submissions.

From 29th of February 2016, latest online user accounts will be created, and the existing ones would be changed.

From 13th to 20th June 2016, those who had already created a user account would be able to submit their application for getting Quebec Selection Certificate by paying the fees. About 5000 applications would be accepted on first come first serve basis.

From 20th June 2016 to 31st March 2017, second reception will be confirmed by the MIDI. The applicants who created a user account can submit their application for CSQ by paying the fees. During the second period again around 5000 applications will be accepted on first come first serve basis.

The applicants who are applying for this program cannot submit application after the specified time. And those who qualify under the Quebec Experience Program or with job offer can submit application, anytime. Applicants with valid work and study permit do not have period restrictions.

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