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Canada’s upgraded point system

Canada’s upgraded point system

The Canadian economy is at present struggling with high unemployment issues even with a large number of positions available due to a stark contrast between jobs offered and skillset required. In order to fill the skill gap for economic growth, the Canadian government has increased the base number of migrants by 7% that is up to 300,000.  Previously the country was targeting 260,000 migrants in the years 2011 to 2015, which has been raised to 300,000 this year.

The table below showcase the immigration targets of the Federal Government in 2016 and 2017. As per the table, the major increase could be seen in the economic category as the immigrants entering into the country under this category assist in the growth of Canada. The economic category immigrants helps Canada, in dealing with the issues regarding scarcity of skilled labor, caregivers and investors.


 The leading people in the Canadian House of Commons state that immigrants are not only filling the skill gaps in the country, but are also helping in the development of the provincial economies.

 At 1,355,653 in number, Indians account for 3.86% of the total population in Canada, and it is the second largest source of origin for immigrants in Canada. Last year, more than 19 Indo-Canadians were elected in Canadian Parliament.

The fresh results of the 47th Express Entry Program (EEP) were out on November 19th where 2,427 ITA’s were issues with the minimum CRS point requirement of 470 points. The changes in the new EEP point system will be benefitting the Indian students from November 19th, as the points would be allocated on the basis of the courses selected and the time spent in the country. As per this system a student can earn 30 points on post-secondary education for atleast three years, and a diploma  of one or two years could fetch 15 points for them.

The update in the new Express Entry point system is advantageous for those who possess a Canadian degree because it enables the applicants passed out with a Canadian educational degree to grab additional 30 points.  This would strengthen the profile of the candidate and would have more opportunities for selection over other candidates.

McCallum mentioned that further updates would be announced later on the immigration system, and they would be improving the process of the PR program for international students. According to him students are better candidates over others to possess a PR visa for Canada.

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