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Canadian Government requires fast Immigration process

Canadian Government requires fast Immigration process

The Federal Government of Canada wants a fast application procedure for the candidates who are willing to pay extra for the immigration process. The liberals Countrywide are inquisitive to know that if the procedure could be fasten if they are ready to pay more for the accelerated process.

In a survey conducted across the country through a questionnaire posted on the Canadian Government website till august 5th, “Is there any rationale for providing options to those willing to pay higher fees for an expedited process?”  The model of faster immigration procedure for the candidates paying extra is being criticised by the fundamentalists.

The people belonging to prosperous backgrounds could reap the benefit from this arrangement. But this option will create discrimination in Canadian society, and for the candidates who cannot pay the higher fees will feel biased. To sort out this problem, a suggestion is being made that the funds received by the affluent candidates could be used for the speeding up the overall immigration procedure.

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