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Despite of Restricted Visa Rules In the UK, Indians Being Offered the Maximum Number of Visas

Despite of Restricted Visa Rules In the UK, Indians Being Offered the Maximum Number of Visas

The official figures that were released on 25th August 2016, Thursday, on the number of visas granted, revealed that despite of immense restrictions, Indian skilled worker are being offered the maximum number of visas up to June 2016 in the fields of IT, medicine, service sector and engineering.

As per the August quarterly report of the Office for National Statistics (ONS),the figures show that out of the total visas offered, Indian immigrants were accounted for 57% of the total skilled worker visas that is 53,548 out of 93,935 visas, then comes the US residents who were offered 11% of the total skilled worker visa that is 10,019 visas.

It has been observed that the immigration laws of the UK has been tighten up recently, but Indian residents continued to get new hobs in the UK was indicated by the list of nationals of non-EU countries who applied for compulsory National Insurance Numbers, and figures say that Indian nationals were issued the highest with 34,000.

As of now, it’s the India and Ireland that have been contemporarily the sources of the Britain’s largest foreign born crowds. As per the figures revealed by ONS, Poland overtook India as the country of origin for the non-UK born population in the UK, in the people born in the EU country with an estimate of 831,000 people.

The number of student visas issued this year up to June 2016 for Indian students were 10,664. Earlier India was the top country for students studying in UK, but at present it is at the third position after China and the US.  According to ONS report, “there was a statistically significant decline in the number of non-EU citizens migrating to the UK to study, from 134,000 in the previous year to 111,000. Of the 111,000, 72% were citizens of Asian countries, though there was a statistically significant decline in citizens of South Asia, with the number coming to study having almost halved”.

The government is trying to reduce the number of migration, but still the net migration is more than 300,000, which is a challenging figure for the government.  As per Nicola White of ONS, “net migration remains at record levels although the recent trend is broadly flat. The influx of Romanians and Bulgarians has also reached a new high, although that's offset by falls in non-EU immigration and from other central and eastern European countries. It's important to remember that these figures only go up to the end of March and do not cover the period following the UK's vote to leave the European Union”.

The figures disclosed are up to the March end which does not clearly show the impact of UK’s exit from the EU. The number of migration might reduce in the next report of ONS.

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