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E-Visa Launched By Kuwait for Convenient Processing

E-Visa Launched By Kuwait for Convenient Processing

Recently Kuwait launched e-visa facilities in order to ease the procedures for their visitors. The Head of PR and Moral Guidance Department Col. Adel Ahmed Shah Al-Hashash mentioned that they wanted to avoid the complication and troubles arising due to lengthy paper work, so they implemented e-visa facility for their visitors. Ministry of Interior (MOI) officially announced in a press conference that was held at Kuwait International Airport and Colonel Al-Hashash stated, “that all you have to do is to go into the MOI website and everything will be clear and easy”.This facility will also decrease the heavy traffic in the airport terminals, mentioned by Major General Talaal Al-Maarafi, the Head of Public Authority for Visa Affairs Kuwait.

At present the service is provided to 52 countries along with the members of GCC, which will include fourteen occupations that would get the benefit of special service with e-visa, such as accompanying spouse, children and even maids. The procedure of the application is very simplified as mentioned by the General Major Al-Maarafi. He said that one has to fill an application form online and attach a picture of their passport after that the candidate will receive a confirmation email regarding the visa application.

MOI will then process the visa application and if there will be no complications attached to the application, the visa reference number will be granted to the candidate. When the candidate moves to Kuwait they have to provide the given visa reference number to the visa officer in order to get the hard copy of the visa. He also mentioned that Kuwait welcomes residents of all the countries if they don’t have any criminal or legal complications, “as long as legal and criminal terms are met, you can apply”.

General Ali AlMaeli, the Head of IT Department asserted the codes and conducts associated with this service in order to avoid any misuse of the facility. He also cleared that this service will also be utilised to avoid any of the travel complications, as there are various travellers who land in Kuwait and find that they are banned .

The e-visa service is launched to save the travellers from the troubles of flying to Kuwait. The General Al-Maeli said that the whole procedure will take only 24 hrs and one could receive a visa reference number, and they are further working on it to reduce the time to one hour and planning to integrate the service on smart phones.

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