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Getting Canadian PR visa made easier

Getting Canadian PR visa made easier

The immigration Minister of Canada, John McCallum announced recently that the Canadian Government may take steps to ease the process of giving permanent resident visa and citizenship to temporary overseas workers.  McCallum declared this on a TV show on CTV Television, “Question Period”, which is a national politics talk show. But he did not give all the details as the parliamentary report on this matter is yet to come.

The local unions are criticizing the low paid jobs which are affecting the Canadian job market, and also the advocacy groups have criticised the poor working conditions and right violations for workers.  The Canadian government is refurbishing the permanent residency program which will bring in the workers in the low-skilled levels. The workers who were criticizing the paths to get Canada permanent residency as very difficult are already on the way to get the PR visa.

When the Minister was asked whether the country will consider loosening on immigration rules, on this McCallum replied that the liberal government of Canada is considering providing a PR visa pathway to the workers. He replied that, “we think that those who come, in general, should have a pathway to permanent residence more so than is the case today.If they’re on a pathway to permanent residence, they’re only temporary for a while, and then they become full Canadians

The major labour scarcity was caused due to Canadian measures taken in in June to water down actions to restrict the number of low-wage temporary overseas workers that could be hired by the firms.There have been complaints from farmers and meat processors that restriction would create labour shortages.

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