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Immigration: e-tourist VISA

Immigration: e-tourist VISA

Indian Tourism Ministry is planning to extend e-tourist VISA to another 36 countries, including Italy, Iran, Nigeria and Egypt. The recent data by tourism minisitry from January to June 2016 shows a massive increase in the total number of tourists arrived in the country when compared to last year figures which registered a growth of approximately 270%, and the reason behind this massive growth is the introduction of e-visas for almost 150 countries. The Union Tourism Ministry is flying high due to this considerable growth rate and so is planning to include more 36 countries in the list of e-visa.

The data shows that e-visa facility is most preferred in the USA and got 23.22% of tourists, followed by 14.16% from UK, 6.91% from China, 5.59% from Australia and 4.10% from France and most of the tourist’s preferred New Delhi International airport for arrival, which is followed by Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad and so on. If the Ministry of Home Affairs approves the proposal the 186 countries will be able to access online visa to travel to India. Few of the shortlisted countries are Bahrain, Iran, Italy Turkey, Morocco, Maldives, and Nigeria etc.

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