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Immigration policies are being blamed for the Native Americans losing their jobs

Immigration policies are being blamed for the Native Americans losing their jobs

The Centre for Immigration Studies has revealed in their research study that there has been great disturbance happening in the job market in the U.S. as the low-skilled immigrants are replacing the low-skilled native-born workers in the US.

It is not clear from the studies on the labours actual workings per hour that whether it’s the immigrants are pushing natives out of the workforce. Though it is clear that Native Americans are leaving the workforce may be due to heavy competition from the immigrants or overreliance on welfare, insufficient wages, or they do not prefer manual labour, whatever may be the reason, the employers of America are preferring immigrants over the natives.

As per the report of Jason Richwine who an independent public policy analyst and the writer of the study mentioned that, “Native-born high school dropouts worked the equivalent of only 35 full-time weeks per year during the 2003-2015 period, while immigrant dropouts worked 49 equivalent weeks. Native-born dropouts saw their work time decline from 41 weeks in 2003-2005 to 32 weeks in 2012-2015”. The report of Census Bureau’s American Time Use Survey revealed that natives without a high school degree were most among the labour-force dropout by workers in the crucial working year of age 25 to 54 years.

The executive director of the Centre, Mark Krikorian said that, “low-skill American men have been dropping out of the labour force at the same time that low-skill immigrants are finding plenty of work. Whatever the other effects, mass immigration serves to paper over this serious social problem, reducing the incentive for employers and policymakers to explore and address its underlying causes”.

The findings of the study revealed that there has been an increase in the native Americans who are not working from 26% in 1994 to 35% in 2015, who were without high school degree. On the other hand the immigrant without high school degree dropouts from labour force declined from 12% to 8%. When the total hours spent on working was studied it was found that the native high school dropout worked 1,391 hours on an average between the years 2003 to 2015 whereas, the imminent dropout worked for 1,955 hours per year. The work time decline in the native born dropouts have been from 41 full-time weeks in the years 2003 to 2005 to 32 weeks in 2012-2015 whereas immigrants dropouts declined from 52 weeks to 50 weeks. “While natives fell from 56 percent of the nation's high school dropouts to 52 percent, their share of the labour performed by all dropouts declined much faster — from 50 percent in the 2003-2005 period to 40 percent in 2012-2015.Among men with more than a high school degree, there are no significant differences in work time between immigrants and natives”.

According to San Jeff Sessions, the conventional critic of extensive immigration, the natives are losing their jobs to immigrants primarily because of the lenient immigration policies of the government that promotes hiring of cheap immigrant labours. The report says that the government instead of taking steps to bring back the native Americans back to work, it has brought cheap immigrant labours as their substitutes.

Centre for Immigration Studies (CIS), concluded that, “immigration is a substitute for addressing the real problem. Imagine how the focus of politicians and businessmen would change if there were no supply of new immigrants to harvest their vegetables, weed their gardens, or hang their drywall. They would likely take a much greater interest in getting idle American men back to work”.

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