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Low IELTS and Worried about your Visa? Mon Project Quebec is the Answer!

Low IELTS and Worried about your Visa? Mon Project Quebec is the Answer!

Read more about it below : 

It has now been made mandatory to apply for Mon project Quebec account for the submission of Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC) for a regular skilled worker program. The project is a secured and user friendly platform to access immigration services, online. This time Quebec Ministry is expecting 5000 selection certificate applications.

The candidate who possesses a valid job offer or is a temporary resident of Quebec, then he or she has the permission to submit their application for Quebec Selection Certificate.

The prime objectives of Mon project Quebec account are:

  • To help the candidates in online completion and submission of the application of CSQ

  • Making payments online

  • To know the status of the application

  • To enable the candidates to edit their applications, if required

  • To provide access to personal electronic messaging

Points to be taken care for Mon Project Quebec:

  • A personal computer is being advised to be used to access Mon Project Quebec instead of a tablet or mobile phone for better navigation of Mon Project.

  • Interestingly, a virtual waiting room has been created for the candidates where they will be assigned with a secured place and number during heavy traffic periods. This arrangement will help the candidate to find out his or her position in the queue and the number of candidates ahead of them.

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