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Manitoba Immigration Points and Ninth Draw updates

Canada Immigration updates On 03-11-2015 the Manitoba Province recently conducted then Ninth draw to issue nominations to the candidates who applied for PR Visa under the Provincial Nominee Program.


After the successful completion of the Eighth draw, 356 invitation letters were issued to the candidates with minimum required points of 556 as on 03-11-2015.


This time as well 356 candidates were picked from the Pool. The benchmark of selection, however, was 556 points compared to 578 in the Seventh express entry draw.


The minimum of 558 points are acquired by the candidates who have received invitation to apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).


As on date, including the Nine Separate draw, a total of 2059 candidates were selected and invited to apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Candidates are given two months to submit a duly filled online application after receiving the invitation letter.


The new system which started on May 20th 2015, gives skilled professional an easy access to job openings in Manitoba, and the respective employers of the province have the access to the candidate’s profiles through the Job-Bank.


It is also expected that the future draws occur more frequently, and the Manitoba Province is likely to grant the highest number of invitations compared to the other provinces to a wider array of candidates in the Express Entry pool.

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