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Migrate to Canada Through BC PNP in August 4 Draw

Migrate to Canada Through BC PNP in August 4 Draw

Immigration to Canada is possible through express entry draws and also through various Provincial Nominee Programs(PNPs). On 4th August the province of British Columbia (BC) has issued 602 ITA’s to the candidates interested in migrating to Canada visa BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). These ITA’s were issued under three categories of Express Entry BC- skilled worker, international graduate and skills immigration –entry level and semi - skilled. 

The BC PNP Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) is responsible for the BC’s ITAs, which was commenced this year itself. This is dynamic intake management system which allows the BC to select the candidates for provincial nomination. This is like express entry point based system, where the applicants get the score on the basis of the information they provide during their registration which form the basis of determining whether the applicant would get the ITA or not.  For determining their scores, the candidates could use the exclusive SIRS Calculator under the system.

The minimum score required to receive ITA in BC PNP- Skilled Worker Category, in the latest draw of August 4, was the lowest score of any draw till now.

Categories of BC PNP

BC PNP is comprised of two broad categories and they are ‘base’ and ‘enhanced’ categories. Under base categories the application made are not aligned with federal Express Entry System, whereas the applications made to enhanced categories are processed under Express Entry System. If a candidate’s application is successful under the ‘enhanced’ BC PNP category than that candidate would receive an additional 600 CRS points and an ITA from the express entry draw.

BC PNP August 4 Draw

The recent draw of BC PNP was opened on August 4, for three major categories. The details of the draw are as follows:

  1. Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker – The minimum score required under this category was 110, and the number of ITAs issued under this category were 195. This category is aligned with federal Express Entry System.

  2. Express Entry BC - International Graduate –The minimum score required under this category was 105 and ITAs issued were 91. This is also aligned with federal Express Entry System.

  3. Skills Immigration – Entry level and semi -skilled - The minimum score required under this category was the lowest 70, and number of ITAs issued were the highest 306, but this category is a base category and is not aligned to express entry system.

Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker

This category is meant for overseas skilled workers who possess higher education and training in a professional, technical, management, trade or other skilled worker job. A successful application under this category would offer the candidate 600 CRS points and an ITA at the federal level.

Express Entry BC – International Graduate

This category is particularly for the International graduates who have graduated from any Canadian University or College within the past two years. This category is not restricted to the graduates from BC universities or college but is open to any Canadian University or college.

Skilled Immigration- Entry Level and Semi- Skilled

The candidates who could not apply for other Canadian immigration programs could apply under this category. This allows non-skilled and semi-skilled workers to apply for PR. These candidates are required to work under an eligible occupation such as hospitality, tourism, food processing industries or in a NOC skill level C or D jobs in the Northeast Development Region of the BC.

Assured ITAs for future

This assurance is for those candidates who got or exceeded the minimum required scores for the ITA will receive the ITA in the next draw. The minimum registration scores are as follows:

  1. Skills Immigration – Skilled worker 135

  2. Skills Immigration –International Graduate 105

  3. Skills Immigration- Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 95

  4. Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker 135

  5. Express Entry BC – International Graduate 105        

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