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Next Intake Quebec immigration

Next application process for Quebec Skilled Worker intake begins on January 18, 2016

Submission for the quota has reached its bottle neck of 3,500 applications. The submission will have 2,800 fresh applications beginning from January 18, 2015 and expected to run until March 31, 2016 as per the latest information.

The government of Quebec province has announced cap of first intake on 10th of November 2015 just after opening the program less than a week before on November 4. This intake accepted the applications by post only. This type of sending applications will be no longer accepted and will be returned. QSWP is a popular Canadian immigration program allowing successful applicants and their families are eligible to obtain Canadian permanent residency status.

Quebec government asks candidates to have a note that the program hasn’t been closed rather first intake has reached its cap. Candidates who had prepared anticipation can submit the application were ready to submit in the time frame others can use the window opportunity to prepare for January. It has already been disclosed that applicants to federal express entry system have a limited period during which they will submit all supporting documents.

Remember that the express entry system has been filled within a week. With the intervention of online application to process express entry, the expected time frame of application completion shall be much more less than present one as primarily being electronic.

The Qubec Skilled Worker Program Advantages:

  • Job Offer not required.

  • Points are available for English/French but absence of French not a bar.

  • No pool of candidates.

  • Invitation to Apply not required.

  • Processed through first come, first serve basis

  • Can gain points for area of training

  • Simple online application process

  • Threshold removal may reduce processing time

  • Can increase your chances by applying while remaining in the express entry pool

  • Settle in a vibrant region of North America

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