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Permanent Residency in Canada particularly for International Students

Permanent Residency in Canada particularly for International Students

The current Minister of IRCC, John McCallum’s tenure as Minister of Immigration hasn’t proved very fruitful to the overseas students who are graduating from Canada and seeing their postgraduate work permits to expire. Until now, he has spent most of his time in conducting tours, speaking about the changes to take place in the immigration system in Canada. His focus on his speeches was on inviting overseas students to study in Canada and to provide the permanent resident status.

McCallum’s policy immigration has generated undulationeffect of letting permanent residency out of reach from overseas graduates as he had cut the numbers of economic migrantsto Canada and would accept that back in the month of March. The experts finds McCallum’s statements to be ironic as he described overseas students to be fertile recruiting stream for the country as they are educated, talented and knows multiple languages but then also doors for permanent residency for international students have been shut by McCallum.

The Minister has promised to address the issue of international students in the fall but till now the details are unclear. As per McCallum the situation is unsustainable and he has not yet introduced any temporary measures to check the issue of international students living in Canada, who are suffering from frustrations and dashed dreams as they have return back home.

Express Entry Visa

On January 2015, Canada introduced a fast track immigration system called Express Entry System, through which skilful professional could easily immigrates to Canada and fulfils the skill shortage in Canada. The key element of the Express Entry scheme is its responsiveness, as the applicant who misses the chance of getting the ITA (invitation to apply), could remain in the pool and waits for the next chance. The profile created in Canada Express Entry System remains valid for 1 year.

This is point based scheme called Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), where points are given to the candidates on the basis of age, work, skill, experience and education.  Those who clears the cut off score declared in express entry draws gets the invitation to apply, and those who don’t can remain in the pool for the next draw. The immigration department of Canada wants to make the immigration process competitive and so they launched this system. IRCC announces once in two weeks, the new threshold for the application of permanent residency in Canada

The express entry system didn’t proved worthy for international graduates who graduated from undergraduate programmes generally score between 350 to 450 points in the express entry pool as they lag behind in scores due to lack of work experience and education level and till now the minimum points requirement in the pool has not dropped below 450 points.

Immigration levels reduced

In the 2016 it was supposed that things will change, and IRCC lowered down the minimum points requirement in the express pool so that even international student could have some hopes to receive the ITAs, but McCallum made an announcement of decreasing the number of intakes to 54,000 58,000 in the year 2016 in the federal economic programmes, which has been reduced from 68,000 to 74,000 in 2015. The significance of this announcement was visible in the Express Entry and the number of ITAs issued dropped down after McCallum’s announcement and even the number of points required remained out of reach of the overseas students. The desperate international students still wondering if IRCC would bring down the points threshold to 350 in the year 2016 and they could also reach to the express entry pool.

ITAs and CRS points requirements in the Express Entry from 2015 till now


Temporary Measures

The experts believe that McCallum should have taken some temporary measures to protect the interests of international students. It is understood that McCallum is unable to balance the levels of Canadian immigration programmes like refugees, immigration levels. The difficulties in immigration system evoked primarily due to McCallum’s determination to resettle the Syrian refugees in huge numbers. But then also it is expected from McCallum to implement temporary measures to aid international students.

It was expected from the minister to provide a programme delivery update through the website of IRCC that would allow the international students holding Canadian work permits and who are in the Express Entry Pool to obtain bridging work permits. There should be some measure to be applied by the immigration ministry to relief the international graduates.

The international graduated who graduated from Canada do understand that the country needs to set its immigration targets and the government has to manage its permanent residence intake. The experts find that the international graduates are frustrated with the false promises made by government which has not been fulfilled yet.

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