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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program 2016 Updates

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program 2016 Updates

A maximum number of applications which will be accepted under Quebec Immigrant Investor program (QIIP) is 1900 between 30th May 2016 and 28th February 2017.

During this period, a maximum of 1330 applications will be accepted from China, Hong Kong, Macau and remaining from all over the world.

The basic requirements for a person to fit under the Quebec Immigrant Investor program are:

  • Should pay the Quebec government application fee which is CAD$ 15000 only

  • Should possess a net worth of CAD$ 1.6 million legally.

  • Should be ready to make an investment of CAD$ 800,000 with the government for five years

  • Should have two years of suitable managerial work experience within the five years preceding the application;

  • Should have an idea of settling in Quebec.

A person having an intermediate-advanced knowledge in French is not subject to these rules and can apply at any time till 31st March 2017.

How to demonstrate net worth:

To meet the net worth requirement of $1.6 million CAD, candidates must show the net estimation of their existing resources, and besides their history of securing of assets throughout their professions through story proclamations and supporting documentation

Total assets are built up through bank statements, investor booklets, real estate evaluations, audited financial statements and other relevant and progressive documentation. Clients are required to declare all of their own assets and liabilities. However, they are not obliged to show proof of property beyond $1.6 million CAD

Clients should likewise show that their total assets were gained legitimately. This considers the person's past work salary, organizations, nearby economic situations, legacies, and donations. While it is regularly hard to deliver point by point documentation of the early phases of a candidate's profession, clear supporting archives will encourage the application procedure

Applicants must also demonstrate that their net worth was acquired legally. This takes into account the individual’s past work income, businesses, local business conditions, gifts, and donations. While it is often difficult to provide detailed documentation of the early stages of an applicant’s job, clear supporting documents will facilitate the application process.

Required  Experience:

The aim of the program is to draw in business keenness and investment to Quebec. A qualified candidate has generally possessed or dealt with a business, which may incorporate proficient practices, as opposed to only overseeing venture exercises. In this hazy connection areas incorporate experts that don't deal with the firm, uninvolved land financial specialists and investment.

Suitable management experience is defined in the suitable regulations as:

 The client should have a minimum of 2 years of work experience in management areas over the last 5 years before submitting the application. The experience has to be a full-time one and will not be counted if it is an apprenticeship or part-time experience.

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