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On 22nd November 2016, a sub-category of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) oriented at the International Skilled Worker for ‘Occupations In-Demand’, has made an announcement for acceptance of 1200 new visa applications. The applicants are not required to have job offers to make applications.             Under this sub-category, an applicant should possess work experience in any of the 21 in-demand occupations listed, to apply to the provincial nomination certificate, and later this certificate could be followed by a Canadian PR visa.

The intake of 1200 new applications under the given sub category is higher than the previous application cycles that have occurred this year. The Saskatchewan province of Canada has a big name with respect to high standards of living and job opportunities, the latter which is a door-opener for immigrants.

This particular sub-category of SINP has been observed to be open several times in 2016, the most recent of which was opened on 24th October. The application intake was very quickly filled and closed. It is advisable for potential candidates to file their applications as early as possible. The candidate should possess high level skills to apply in any one of the 21 occupations listed under this sub category. The International Skilled Worker- Occupations In-Demand, the sub category of SINP is a base program which is not affiliated with Express Entry System. That means if an individual is not suitable for Express Entry or has not received an ITA for PR visa, then they could apply under this sub-category of SINP. 

Eligibility for SINP sub category

The eligibility criteria for applying in the International Skilled Worker- Occupations In-Demand, the sub category of SINP are listed below:

  1. If the applicant is the resident of Canada, then his stay should be legal with proof.

  2. Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) should not be less than 4

  3. The candidate must have completed at least one year of training or post secondary education as per the Canadian education standards and the candidate should possess a degree, or diploma or any equivalent certificate

  4. The candidate should possess at least one year of experience in the last 10 years in their related area of education or training.

  5. A proof of eligibility for the license of the province if it is mandatory

  6. Proof of funds and settlement plan

  7. Minimum 60 points out of 100 is the benchmark on the assessment grid.

List of Occupations

The table below represents the 21 occupations listed in the sub category of SINP, the International Skilled Worker- Occupations In-Demand.


If you are eager to migrate to Canada, then SINP is a great pathway to reach Canada which could help fetch you a PR visa. Global Tree is prepared to assist you with personalized immigration solutions for migration to Canada.

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