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Travelling to Canada with dual citizenship

Travelling to Canada with dual citizenship

Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA)

eTA is a new entry requirement to Canada which is now in to practise for visa exempt foreign residents  moving to Canada by air. For a hassle free and easy visit to Canada, the immigration department of Canada will be lenient only till 29th September towards the travellers who are unaware of the changes of flying to Canada.

But from 30th September 2016, all the air travellers, travelling to Canada be it a foreigner or a Canadian resident are required to carry all the appropriate documents before boarding on to their flight.  The most valid document for your travel will be a valid Canadian passport which is a universally accepted proof of your being a citizen of Canada and you possess the right to enter the country without undergoing immigration screening. It is essential that the expiry date of the passport is beyond the planned date of return from the journey.

For Dual Canadian Citizens

eTA was set up to screen foreign immigrants who travel to Canada on temporary basis. If a candidate is a dual Canadian citizen that is, he is a citizen of Canada and also a citizen of a visa exempt nation and travels to Canada on a non-Canadian passport, then they can’t apply for eTA because a Canadian citizen has the right to enter the country without any immigration screening. If traveller travels with a valid Canadian passport it proves that he is citizen of the nation.

There is an exception for Americans and American- Canadian citizen that they do not require eTA, of Canadian visa or Canadian passport to travel to Canada, all they need is a valid identification proof, a valid US passport and must meet the basic requirements to enter the country.

Required Travel Documents

From 30th September 2016, if a Canadian citizen travels to Canada by air, then he is required to produce the proof of being a Canadian citizen. The documents that prove Canadian citizenship are:

• A valid passport of Canada
• Temporary passport of Canada
• Emergency travel documents from Canada

The last two documents that the temporary passport of the emergency documents are issued under severe conditions and on case by case analysis. And if a candidate does not possess any valid documents that prove that he or she is a citizen of Canada then they wouldn’t be allowed to board on their flight. And if any such thing happens to any traveller then there is no quick solution available to board on the flight and the candidate has to contact the nearest Government of Canada Office abroad in order to get the necessary travel document.

It is advisable that if you are a dual Canadian citizen then you must apply or renew your Canadian passport before 30th September 2016, because if you are travelling with a valid Canadian passport then you will be benefitted with the following:

• It is a universally accepted proof of your Canadian citizenship and would assure you a hassle free journey to Canada
• It provide a candidate with the access to consular help from Canadian government offices abroad in minimum time possible
• It protects the candidate from any kind of identity theft

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