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Trump’s Immigration Plan Leaked

Trump’s Immigration Plan Leaked

The Associated Press (AP) photograph released on Monday showcases the glimpse of the first  immigration policy under the leadership of the 45th President-elect Donald Trump. These days, even Google’s results are centred around the black hole of fame that is Trump and his actions. The most talked about topic in the world at present is what Trump’s decisions on immigration will be when he takes the oath in January. In all this, if the Press are lucky enough to get photographs of the first immigration plan, then there is nothing else they could ask for. I am suspicious here as to why Trump and Kobach would pose in front of the camera with confidential documents (if they were) in hand instead of keeping them hidden. It could be a deliberate step by the immigration planners to provide a hint to the world or it could just be ineptitude. The only thing we know for sure is that it makes for excellent news.

The scene is that Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach and Trump had a meeting on Sunday to have discussions on the immigration plan. Kobach is an immigration advisor to President-elect Donald Trump and could head the Department of Homeland Security in the near future. Kobach wanted to propose some changes in the Department of Homeland Security and visited the President-elect with detailed proposals regarding the same.

According to the photograph by AP it was very clear that the document was titled,” Department of Homeland Security Kobach Strategic Plan for First 365 Days”, which was carried by Kobach in his meeting with Trump. Few of the visible points in the document are mentioned below:

  • To “update and re-introduce” the NSEERS that is the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System: for all foreigners that belong to high risk regions. This is the program he created while working for the Justice Department in the stir of September 11 terrorist attacks.

  • Registration of more than 80,000 foreigners who were profiled on the basis of their race and religion by the civil rights group.

  • From the partial view of the document, it is not very clear that which immigrants would be required to be registered under NSEERS update.

  • Proposal for “extreme vetting questions for high-risk” immigrants entering into the United States. The questions would include about the visitor’s views regarding “support for Sharia law, jihad, equality of men and women and the constitution of the US”.

  • End of the inflow of Syrian refugee into the US. Trump also proposed in his campaigns to put a ban on all the Muslims entering into the country.

Immigration was the most polarizing issue discussed in the campaigns of 2016 US Presidential elections and Trump is known to be one of the most immigration averse Presidents of the United States. Even a vague picture of the first immigration policy under the leadership of Trump is enough to set the internet abuzz. Lets face it, the US is still the de facto world leader and all decisions made by it President have ramifications all across the globe. Like our Facebook page to stay in the loop.


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