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eTA is Mandatory to be Applied by Visa-Exempt Visitors to Canada

eTA is Mandatory to be Applied by Visa-Exempt Visitors to Canada

From 29 September, 2016 a new pre-screening system will become compulsory for visa-exempt visitors to Canada. The Visa-exempt visitors have to apply for an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) if they are travelling by air. The eTA applicants are required to disclose their personal details instead of being dependent on third parties like travel agents, employers, any organisation or friend as these third parties may not be aware of complete information about the eTA applicant such as criminal records etc.

The eTA application could be completed by any third party or person if the visitor is potential enough to designate someone. But that person or party has to be regulated Canadian immigration representative and the eTA applicant should disclose all the necessary information truthfully to the hired person or party then only he can designate someone otherwise it is advisable to complete the application themselves.

If all the required information is not disclosed on an eTA application than the visitor runs the risk of performing falsification and this would not only restrict him to enter Canada but also result in to a long term ban on entering Canada.

This would be clear from an example that is a person books a flight to Canada from a travel agent, which gives the facility of filling eTA application. Few organisations do provide such services that they take care of all these steps. Applicant’s passport number is one of the information that is required in eTA application, which these third parties do have in their files. Though this a favour offered by the these third parties to their client by taking care of this responsibility but actually may be unknowingly they are ruining the probabilities of the visa-exempt visitor to successfully land and being allowed in Canada. For instance if the applicant has a previous criminal conviction and this not known to the third party completing the form may be because the incident has occurred years before, or when the applicant was a minor, such as reckless driving or petty theft. If Canadian immigration authorities should know about the applicant’s true history otherwise he or she may be found to have a performed distortion.


What is actually an eTA is? It is actually an online form which has to be completed before the departure of a visa-exempt visitor to Canada and it aims to offer a hassle free travel to the visitor. This is primarily for the visa-exempt individuals who want a temporary entry to Canada, have to complete a short online form, where they have to provide some of their personal information and answer some the basic questions related medical or criminal issues and their immigration history.

This is made mandatory from September 29, 2016 for visa-exempt visitors travelling to Canada by air have to complete their own eTA before departure. There exceptions to eTA include U.S. nations or a valid Canadian visa holder. Earlier the visa-exempt individuals wereallowed to board on flight without eTA unless they have appropriate travel documents.

Requirements of an eTA form

To complete the eTA form, the applicants need the following:

  • • A valid passport from a visa-exempt country

  • • A CAD fee of $7 which has to be paid by credit card

  • • A valid email id• And Internet access

For eTA, CAD fee of $7 is needed for processing. The eTA is given within few minutes after applying and will be automatically linked to the candidate’s passport.  The validity of eTA is five years from the date it is issue or the following whichever occurs before:

• Expiry of passport or any other travel document

• Cancellation of eTA

• Issuance of the new eTA

  • The eTA involves name of the applicant, date and place of birth, gender, address, nationality, passport and other travel related information. This is an online form, but if the applicant could not make it through any electronic means due to any disability, then it could be filled by other means like paper.

In the word of Attorney David Cohen, “Don’t assume that your agent, colleague, friend, or even your partner knows every necessary detail about your life and your circumstances. Even if you have no prior criminality or medical concern, a mistake on the eTA application — such as a typo in the passport number or date of birth, or writing the wrong country or city of birth — could lead to unnecessary hassle and delays. For visitors to Canada who do wish to have their eTA application submitted by another party, ensure that the third party in question has a track record of submitting personal information to the government of Canada”.

He also mentioned that, ““in addition, potential visitors to Canada who have criminality or medical concerns are encouraged to seek legal advice on their case. Every day, would-be visitors to Canada are turned away, frustrated that they didn’t do their due diligence on criminal inadmissibility and act accordingly.

Who is visa-exempt visitor?

Till now this article talks about visa-exempt visitor, but who is he actually and who need an eTA. As of September 29, 2016 the citizens of the following countries are considered as visa-exempt individuals and they need to complete an eTA.

Mexico will also be added in the above list of visa-exempt countries on December 1, 2016 along with Romanian and Bulgarian countries.  The nationals of the countries which are not in the above list are required to get a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) before visiting to Canada.

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