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Quebec Immigration

Those who are educated, competent, have skills that are in demand, can get well into a new environment and have the ability to make immediate economic contribution to the state of Quebec can apply for Canadian permanent residency through Quebec Selected Skilled Workers Program.

Like the Federal Skilled Worker Visa, the Quebec - Selected Skilled Worker program is an alternate point based immigration route to Canada. This route is intended as a permanent Canadian visa for immigration.

Quebec skilled worker visa for Canada gives unrestricted access to the domestic job market without the need for a Canadian work permit, a sponsoring employer, or a specific job offer.

You must be conversant in these languages - English and French. You will need to prove you can support yourself & your family in Quebec.

  • Two independent selection system - one for Single applicants and one for Couples
  • The country's rapidly ageing population, coupled with a dearth of young workers, will cause a major shortage of potential employees and could mean immigrants will account for almost all of the labour force growth within a decade, Statistics Canada suggests
  • Census data for 2002, predicts potential worker shortfalls in a vast range of occupations by 2011, from family doctors to bricklayers
  • In 2002, Quebec accepted approximately 21,600 Skilled Workers applicants and approximately 3,000 Business applicants.
  • By 2021, Canada will have only two working Canadians for each retiree, compared with a current 6 to 1 ratio.

  • A Single, Non Married Must Score 55 Points Including Adaptability
  • Married couple or those with common-law or conjugal partner must score minimum 63 points
  • An additional 6 points may be awarded upon the interview for Adaptability.

Selection is based on several factors
  • Education / Training
  • Experience
  • Prior Employment Offer
  • Age
  • Language Proficiency
  • Spouse Characteristics
  • Children
  • Family in Quebec
  • Adaptability
  • Financial Self-Sufficiency

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